Setup a private VPN on OpenWRT 15.05.01 using StrongSwan

This is a guide that I’ve put together using various different articles and tutorials I’ve found and put them all together in one package.

The end result is your very own private VPN server running off of your OpenWRT 15.05.01 router using RSA certificates for authentication. With a few small tweaks you can use username/password log authentication but I preferred to go the certificates route. These steps should work fine with most modern clients – I have personally tested this with Windows 10 (Version 1607 OS Build 14393.10) and on iOS 9.3.4 both with and without certificates and it works great.

Let’s begin!
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MiniDLNA paths in OpenWRT

I’ve recently made the switch from using DD-WRT to OpenWRT ( which is essentially what DD-WRT is based on. I now have a much leaner, cleaner and more control over my router.

One thing that has bugged me was that I decided to enable MiniDLNA on the router but was having issues getting it to recognize folders correctly.

The note on the miniDLNA setup screen read:

Set this to the directory you want scanned. If you want to restrict the directory to a specific content type, you can prepend the type (‘A’ for audio, ‘V’ for video, ‘P’ for images), followed by a comma, to the directory (eg. media_dir=A,/mnt/media/Music). Multiple directories can be specified.

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