New host, new plugin, new updates

I’m using a new host ( on an Ubuntu-based VPS. REALLY liking the flexibility that a VPS can provide vs. a shared hosting provider. I strongly recommend Linode if you are in the market for one. I was thinking of documenting the setup but got to distracted. Maybe next time.

I’ve also recently discovered a new plugin for automating WordPress backups called XCloner-WordPress. This is a very powerful plugin that allows you to create WordPess file backups as well as MySQL backups and upload them to various cloud-based solutions, such as Dropxbox of OneDrive. Definitely check this out if you need (should!) to make sure your WordPress site is being backed-up just in case anything happens.

I’ve been very, very busy with other life things lately but I’ll likely be posting some new stuff soon, likely some PowerShell related things I’ve been working on.

Setup a private VPN on OpenWRT 15.05.01 using StrongSwan

This is a guide that I’ve put together using various different articles and tutorials I’ve found and put them all together in one package.

The end result is your very own private VPN server running off of your OpenWRT 15.05.01 router using RSA certificates for authentication. With a few small tweaks you can use username/password log authentication but I preferred to go the certificates route. These steps should work fine with most modern clients – I have personally tested this with Windows 10 (Version 1607 OS Build 14393.10) and on iOS 9.3.4 both with and without certificates and it works great.

Let’s begin!
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