Weather information in Powershell console – Updated

With inspiration from and I’ve written a function for Powershell where you can get current weather conditions whenever you launch the console!

Make sure to add this function to your Powershell profile and call it via Get-Weather to have it automatically run.

You can find the script on my GitHub:

Backup and replace PFX certificates in PowerShell

I recently wrote a PowerShell script that will back and replace a certificate as well assign permissions to the private keys.

Basically, what this script does is:
– First checks if the certificate you want to import exists or not
– Perform a back-up of the certificate
– Import the private certificate
– Assign the Everyone group read access on the private key
– Import the public certificate
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Automated WordPress backup via Linux Shell

I am using No Support Linux Hosting as my webhost, mostly because it’s cheap ($12/year!) and meets my needs for hosting.

One thing about my host is, well, no support! So if anything goes wrong or I have some technical questions I’m on my own. With that in mind, I wanted to implement a solution that would allow me to copy the WordPress backups generated by Softaculous in case something happens with my host.

The goal: total automation of the backup and email notification once the job was completed, and I think I’ve come up with very nice process to accomplish just that.
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Delete files older than X days

Here’s a quick portion of a PowerShell script I used that will delete files older than X dates from the current date.

Simply change $days to the number of days. In this example, all files older than 7 day will be deleted.

Note that this will only delete the files in the given $path. If you wanted to delete all the sub files/folders in $path, add the -Recurse switch:

ATI audio distortion on Kodi

I use Kodi as my HTPC software of choice. In the bedroom I am using a Raspberry Pi 2 running OpenElec which I have had absolutely zero issues with.

As for the living room setup, I can’t say the same.

For this setup, I am using a fairly descent desktop PC as my HTPC which is tucked away behind the bookshelf so it’s out of sight. The PC connects to the TV via a HDMI connection provided by an ATI 5450 card because…well it was cheap and did not have a fan for noise purposes.

The problem that I notice is that approx every hour or so, the audio gets all distorted and tinny and echoes. This happens regardless or what I am using the PC for – some light gaming, but mostly when using Kodi. It’s super annoying when my wife and I are watching a movie and the audio issue pops up.

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