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Category: WordPress

…and we’re back (again).

So I finally got back around to fixing this site up again…and again. Seems that in my desire to fix things, I inadvertently broke everything so I had to rebuild the site from scratch. I was actually a fun learning experience and I got to set up a few other…

New host, new plugin, new updates

I’m using a new host ( on an Ubuntu-based VPS. REALLY liking the flexibility that a VPS can provide vs. a shared hosting provider. I strongly recommend Linode if you are in the market for one. I was thinking of documenting the setup but got to distracted. Maybe next time.…

Now serving SSL

I’ve decided to add SSL support to this site on an effort to make the Internet and your browsing experience just a little safer. You should notice that all HTTPS requests are now being served as HTTPS. Pretty cool!

Customizing Linux Shell

Just a quick post on customizing the Linux Shell. My host is in CST and I wanted to change my timezone to EST. After some research, I found that we can make changes to the .bashrc file to set certain environmental settings. I also found out I could change a…